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The Dark Side of me


It was a shock for me when a guy asked me does i know anything about 3d 😀 or am i familier with any 3d Package 😀

Let’s go back with the time machine:


Me 1999 while studing How to draw to make my own 2d games

2013–>2012–>2011–>2010–>2009–>2008–>2007–>2006–>2005–>2004–>2003–>2002–>2001…Yes we are here man, we are in 2001 where i decided to stop for a while from writing Un-Known words”Code” and start make something visual 😀

in that year, i started to understand what is the 3d thing because it is the only way to make a 3d game 🙂 and it was somthing intersting that time. My brother brough me a 3dsMax 2.0 And it was for “Discreet” that time. And here it begins my journey with 3d thing.r2

I started as a 3d generalist , and then i found my way to the art of animation as i was a nice artist 😀 So, i learned how to move things and animate stuff, and at the age of 16 i got my first Job in that field, as an animator (not junior & not leader, just animator) in a cartoon company. And because i had a nice taste in animation it was very fast to be one of the most famous animators in Egypt and MiddleEast Area, On that time i was keep learning lots of stuff (Specially in Alias-Maya). I learned my self Modeling, UV, Rigging, Texturing and shading, How to make mel Scripts for Maya, Fluids, Rendering (Maya Software, Mental ray, Vray & Renderman) and that followed by som other softwares like AfterEffects, Nuke, Fusion , Mudbox, Realflow & Indorphen. I taught my self lots and lots of softwares to be able to make my own projects, to be able to make games and it’s own animations. So, yes it was a long way. Soon (i guess this week) i will add a section contain some of my 3d work and stuff 🙂

So, yes buddy, i know some stuff in 3d 😀 and this is why i do lots of indie games now, i can make all my assets, animations, UI and code too 🙂


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Fel-Palala english version

hi everyone;

After the game jam finished, i found it will be nice to localize the game to be English version, as most of my friends and game players are native English. So, enjoy the game my native English spoken people 🙂

Play Here




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Fel-Palala game walkthrough

i found it will be nice if i did a small video showing my latest game. This is a demo version & may be this game get completed soon, aas it looks for me a pure ground i can harvest a lots of ideas inside 😉


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Coated, Play it now, free on App Store!

And YES, finally my lovely small game, have a free version in the AppStore, hope you like it everyone. I just tested it in the iPhone-4G. when i tried to play in iPda, i found there is no menu Texts 🙂 So, i will fix that issues ASAP. hope who can open it, can enjoy it now 🙂 you can get it HERE

2013-03-18 10.36.24

2013-03-18 10.36.142013-03-18 10.34.442013-03-18 10.34.11

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Fel-Palala, now Completed in 2 days !


Last night i submitted my game to the jam. i was out of the home all the day, and just came back, and found it will be great to share my game with all of you. I will post just more images. The playable version with English Localization will be available soon, after the game jam results. Just to keep the game at the moment for the jam site.



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The latest look

here we go:



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Fel-Palala, 24 hours to submit

just a quick screenshot for the main menu 🙂 i hope it looks little cool. The game workflow looks nice but still missing some stuff, like the levels selection screen & i guess i have no time to make a logic for this one, i prefer to fix some stuff in the controller, sound & level design.



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