*Am Muhammad. Born in Egypt & worked there, traveled a lot to work in different countries & now am working in Shanghai, China as a Gameplay Programmer in Multi-National Multiplatform games Company and doing some tools, features, optimizations, networking….etc . Very passionate about games and like to write codes using any language, SDK, Framework or even engine. Like to have new challenges to learn new thing everyday. Always have the same birthday wish every year, which to be able to spent the next 100 year in my computer and IDE making games;
*I learned a lot on the past years about 3d & this helps me a lot to make mini indie games. Apart from programming games I can Code meL, Model, Rig, UV, Texture, Animate , Light, Simulate effects and Render with RenderMan or MentalRay 🙂
*For me IOS/Android games are fine, but am enjoying more playing/developing for PC & Consoles where a developer can put more & player can get more;
Note: all the work here is personal, for the list of commercial projects I take part in, please contact me.

–Last Update: 8th September 2013


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