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Moved the Blog into a Domain

Moved the Blog into a Domain

Just a quick update. A year ago or so I’ve moved fully into a website, which is a lot better and I’ve more control over it than the blog here. But I never mentioned that here ^_^

I just saw lots of traffic came to this blog, and was worried that people thing that there isn’t a content since the Coated greenlight post (in fact Coated has passed long time ago :D) , so I decided to post a one last post here to direct to the actual website for my stuff (games, tools, tutorials, articles and BOOKS)

Let’s move the traffic there :


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Coated on the Greenlight !

Hey everyone. Long time again to shoot a post here. Anyway, here my latest news : COATED ON STEAM’S GREENLIGHT….So, go and check the media & news, and vote if you willing to play it soon 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 4.28.37 AM

And yea, Decay on the way to get finished. And there is something cool on the way too 😉